Fairy door with steps and flowers

Our first neighbourhood fairy!

Hi there!  My name is Petal and I just moved into the neighbourhood.  I am a garden-talent fairy and I hope you like my new house!  I decorated it myself.  I just adore flowers as you can probably tell.  I can spend hours tending to my beautiful gardens.  My favourite flowers are the purple ones because that's my favourite colour.  Even my pet ladybugs love flowers!  Their names are Spot, Dot, and Big Red and they've always got plenty of other ladybug friends hanging around, not to mention their new caterpillar and potato-bug friends who have been coming over a lot to play lately. 

Fairy door with steps, flowers and other decorations.    

I hope you'll come visit me soon!  My picnic table is all set up for a magical tea party.  The hedgehogs are just waiting for you and your friends to join in!  The more the merrier we always say! 

Tiny picnic table with tea set and hedgehogs

And if I'm not home when you visit, I'm probably just out meeting my new neighbors, the squirrels and the chipmunks.  They've all been so friendly!  I think I'm really going to like living here.  

Maybe if I'm lucky, some of my friends will join me soon.....  

Yours truly, 


Tom Chater Park, Mississauga, ON

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